Help and Shortcuts

Help Flag

The help flag can be used after any command to get information on the current command.


? [email protected]> wallets --help
wallets [cmd]
Valid commands:
add Adds a new wallet
list Lists all added wallets
rm Remove a wallet by address
use Sets the default wallet to use
? [email protected]> wallets add --help
Adds a new wallet
wallets add <name?>
Valid flags:
recover Recovers a wallet by mnemonic
help Displays info about the current command

Autofill Suggestions

In addition to the help flag, you can you the "tab" button on your keyboard to list the available commands or even autocomplete a command.


To test this out, write any of the commands available but do not press enter to run it. Instead press tab and the "Available commands" should pop up.
? [email protected]> () wallets
//Press "tab" button
>> Available commands:
add rm use list
In this example, write the first letter of the command you want to run and see how the CLI will autocomplete it for you.
? [email protected]> () wallets a
//Press "tab" button to autocomplete the command
? [email protected]> () wallets add

Direct Shell Input

Our CLI accepts inputs from the parent shell using the andr keyword.
andr <command>


On my terminal I run:
andr chain list


⠂ Loading config...
⠂ Loading wallets...
– Connecting client...
Name Chain ID
junotestnet uni-5
elgafar1 elgafar-1
galileo2 galileo-2
pisco1 pisco-1
The command runs and the result is displayed but we are still in the parent shell.


Prints the current CLI version


Version: 0.0.63