Help and Shortcuts

Help Flag

The help flag can be used after any command to get information on it.


? user@galileo-3> wallets add --help
Adds a new wallet. Can be used with the --recover flag to add a wallet by mnemonic.

wallets add <name>

Valid flags:
recover Recovers a wallet by mnemonic           
help    Displays info about the current command 

Any request inputs can be exited using one of the following inputs: .exit, .quit, .e, .q, exit
Documentation can be found here:

Autofill Suggestions

In addition to the help flag, you can you the "tab" button on your keyboard to list the available commands or even autocomplete a command.


To test this out, write any of the commands available but do not press enter to run it. Instead press tab and the "Available commands" should pop up.

? $main@elgafar-1> () wallets

//Press "tab" button
>> Available commands:
add     rm      use     list         

In this example, write the first letter of the command you want to run and see how the CLI will autocomplete it for you.

? $main@elgafar-1> () wallets a

//Press "tab" button to autocomplete the command
? $main@elgafar-1> () wallets add

Direct Shell Input

Our CLI accepts inputs from the parent shell using the andr keyword.


andr <command> 


On my terminal I run:

andr chain list 


– Connecting client...
Name        Chain ID     
elgafar1    elgafar-1    
pisco1      pisco-1      
sei-network atlantic-1   
injective   injective-888
galileo3    galileo-3    
junotestnet uni-6        

The command runs and the result is displayed but we are still in the parent shell.


Prints the current CLI version


? user@galileo-3> version
Version: 0.1.9
? user@galileo-3> () 

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