Executing messages in an ADO is a fairly simple process. We expose a new struct called ExecuteContext which has your regular dependencies, info and environment alongside a new AMPPkt struct (amp_ctx) that includes info about the current AMP packet if the message was received via the AMPReceive message type. An AMP Packet includes some useful information such as the origin field which includes the original sender of the packet. If you are using this for authorisation purposes please verify that the sender is someone you can trust.

pub struct ExecuteContext<'a> {
    pub deps: DepsMut<'a>,
    pub info: MessageInfo,
    pub env: Env,
    pub amp_ctx: Option<AMPPkt>,

In order to expose this data we must first call the method for handling AMPReceive messages and provide it your standard execution handler like so:

use andromeda_std::{ExecuteContext, ContractError};
// ..

#[cfg_attr(not(feature = "library"), entry_point)]
pub fn execute(
    deps: DepsMut,
    env: Env,
    info: MessageInfo,
    msg: ExecuteMsg,
) -> Result<Response, ContractError> {
    let ctx = ExecuteContext::new(deps, info, env);
    if let ExecuteMsg::AMPReceive(pkt) = msg {
        ADOContract::default().execute_amp_receive(ctx, pkt, handle_execute)
    } else {
        handle_execute(ctx, msg)

pub fn handle_execute(ctx: ExecuteContext, msg: ExecuteMsg) -> Result<Response, ContractError> {
    match msg {
        // .. Your execute message handlers,
        ExecuteMsg::MyMsg { some_param } => my_handler(ctx, some_param),
        _ => ADOContract::default().execute(ctx, msg),

pub fn my_handler(ctx: ExecuteContext, some_param: SomeVariableType) -> Result<Response, ContractError> {
    let ExecuteContext { amp_ctx, deps, info, env } = ctx;
    // .. Your code

Here we provide our handle_execute method to the execute_amp_receive method so that the handler can verify and create the ExecuteContext object appropriately before passing it to the handler.

As a catchall we provide the .execute(ctx, msg) call to handle any Andromeda specific messages. If you are looking to use another execute message handler such as cw721-base check out our CW721 contract here.

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