Welcome to the Andromeda docs! Here you can find anything and everything related to Andromeda, how we operate, our system architecture, contracts, and much more. So get ready and enjoy the ride.


Andromeda Protocol is a rapid development framework and a next-generation user interface that brings an Easier, Better, and Faster capability to Web 3.0, and the blockchain industry.

Andromeda Digital Objects (ADOs)

At their core, these ADOs are a collection of smart contracts that have been designed to work together and are built for scalable interoperability and updating.
Standalone, these contracts serve one strict purpose or none at all, but when combined with other ADOs, they can achieve endless utility. This is where our Apps come into play. Andromeda technology allows bundling multiple ADOs into one App to build the project the user desires. All of this and more will be available to do on a friendly user interface with a few clicks.
We have a very wide variety of ADOs that are expanding on the daily, from very simple escrows to complex Defi contracts. You can go through all our ADOs in the Andromeda Digital Objects section where we provide the following for each:
  • An introduction to the ADO and its function.
  • Contract messages ( Instantiation, Executes, Queries).
  • Rust and JSON representation along with explanations and field definitions for each of the messages.

What is the benefit of using ADOs

  • For Projects:
Before Andromeda, projects would need to hire a full development teams in order to build their projects and custom smart contracts. Andromeda eliminates this need by providing a very large amount of custom smart contracts that upcoming projects can pick and chose from to achieve their desired utility. These projects can then use our No-Code-Builder to build their projects in a matter of minutes on any of the chains that Andromeda is deployed on.
  • For Developers:
Developers can use our Andromeda Logic Library (ALL) which contains all our contracts to build from. Similar to how cw-plus contracts are used as a base for production quality builds, the ALL will act as a base for all developers to create their own ADOs that use the superior interoperable system.
As it stands, the ALL contains around 25 ADOs which is the tip of the iceberg. More and more ADOs are being added by the Andromeda dev team weekly, and as we continue building, the ALL will eventually reach a state with thousands of ADOs where every use case imagined can be built using it.

Andromeda Tools

Andromeda has built many tools for users to be able to deploy and interact with our ADOs and Apps the way they find easiest:
  • Andromeda No-Code-Builder: The Andromeda no-code-builder is a easy to use interface on our web-app that allows users to build ADOs, Apps, and much more without having to write a single line of code.
  • Andromeda CLI: Since Andromeda is aiming to be launched on all cosmos chains, it would be inconvenient to have developers who want to develop using the ALL to learn every CLI of each chain in order to interact with our contracts. To solve this, we have built the Andromeda CLI that would allow you to interact with any of the chains that Andromeda is deployed on using the same format bypassing the need to learn the specific method for each of the chains. Make sure to check out our CLI documentation to learn more.
  • GraphQL: We have built custom GraphQL servers that fetch any information we require on ADOs and Apps. The GraphQL also keeps track of all ADOs created and the information on each. This would allow projects to keep track of their ADOs like no other project can, retrieving relevant information with ease.